About Us

Welcome to Vellisimo


We are a Medical Spa in Orlando specialized in Laser Hair Removal, Body Contouring and Skin Rejuvenation. At Vellisimo, we provide a caring, hygienic, comfortable and professional environment to have your procedures done. 

All our treatments are overseen by a qualified MD so you can rest assured you’re in the safest hands. We take a scientific, yet caring approach towards all our procedures, ensuring you get the best and safest treatment possible so you don’t need to worry about anything.



 At Vellisimo, we partnership with the most prestigious and innovative brands in the market.

Our technicians are trained in the latest laser techniques and a variety of services. Our procedures are performed in well-equipped rooms, in complete sterility. We offer a whole range of cosmetic treatments. A visit to the center always begins with a consultation. This is a necessary and crucial stage of work, in our center. Specialists carefully study the problems of patients and always propose the best solution.



We are committed to bringing out your authentic beauty and promoting  it through the nexus of physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

The basic principle of “Vellisimo” is to maintain leadership in aesthetic medicine and we, the whole team, step by step, will prove it.